Fire Systems Inspections

We test and inspect thousands of fire alarm systems a year all over the state. We perform the test and inspections at universities, military facilities, private businesses, manufacturing facilities, local, state and federal buildings. The reason the responsible people chose Precision Fire Solutions to maintain their life safety systems is clear, thorough testing.

We actually test each device. Less responsible testing companies use magnets and switches where we use products of a actual fire, test smoke and heat generators. The results are an actual test of the device. Some less reputable companies “spot” check. We test every device. It is impossible to know which device is the one that will save the life or lives of the people you are charged with protecting. So why would anyone spot check or not actually “test” the devices? To cut corners and make a higher profit. The cost of these practices can be high, effectively risking your peoples lives in the process. Rest assured that we will never put higher profit above any life.   

Getting Started

Lets Go

All we need to get you a price are a copy your most recent inspection report or a count of your systems devices and their type. Or if you prefer, we’ll come out and look at your system to gather this information. Once we have this we will be able to get you a competitive quote. It’s as simple as sending us an email with your information to, call us toll free 800-GOTO-PFS or one of the local numbers from the website. Let’s get your people and property protected right away.

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